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FTX Loyalty Lifeline Documentation

Overview of Loyalty Campaigns

Loyalty Campaigns provide a method of rewarding customers for repeat business by giving discounts in the form of store coupons that can be redeemed on subsequent visits; the coupons can be printed for all customers or only for loyalty customers.

Once a customer is signed up for a Loyalty Account, Their sales are tracked, and coupons are printed after their purchases. These coupons can be set to be redeemed at the store that printed the coupon, or at every store, depending on relevant company policies.

  1. Name – the name of the Loyalty Campaign
  2. Type – tells what the Campaign gives to the customer
    1. Currently, Postsale Coupon is the only type of campaign.
  3. Start Date – the beginning of the campaign
  4. Stop Date – the end of the campaign
    1. Note that this is different from the Expire Date of the coupon and has no effect on coupons after they are printed.