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FTX Warehouse Lifeline Documentation

Item Details

  1. Audit / Analysis
    1. Audit Information shows when the item was created and the last time it was updated.
    2. Analysis
      1. Order History shows all orders that have the item on it.
      2. Purchase History shows all purchase orders that the item is on.
      3. Change History shows when the price has changed on the item
      4. Adjustments show any adjustments that have been done on the item.
  2. Item Packages are used if you are selling partial item. For example if you sell individual packs from cartons.
    1. Click add package
    2. Enter an item number for the package
    3. Enter a package description
    4. Enter the default retail and MSRP
    5. Select if it is a partial or full package type
    6. Enter the number of units in the package
    7. Click Save