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FTX Warehouse Lifeline Documentation

Mass Updates

There are eight tabs in Mass Updates:

  1. Price Changes - Change the price, gross margin / markup, or set the manufacturer suggested retail price for items
  2. Cost Changes - allows you update the last cost / manufacturer list cost of items
  3. Field Updates - allows you to change the categories for items
  4. Utilities - allows you to create vendor parts for items (uses the item number to create the part number), add items to promotions, terms, or prebooks
  5. Additional Utilities – allows you to undo changes; if you accidentally put an incorrect price or cost, this will allow you to go back and undo those changes
  6. Pricebook Zones - allows you to set the price of items in pricebook zones
  7. Stamps – allows you to add multiple items to a particular stamp
  8. Reports
    1. Price List Report – shows items, description, and price (has option to show costs and suspect items)
    2. List Reports
      1. Item Number List – Tree info – shows item number, description and categories
      2. Item Number List – UPC info – shows item number, description, cost, price, and UPCs
    3. Vendor Part Report – shows items from a specific vendor (list includes item number, description, last cost, price, margin, vendor part number, and number of units in the part