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FTX Warehouse Lifeline Documentation

Pricebook Zones

  1. Click Add Zone
  2. Give the new zone a name (you can also set up different colors for different zones)
  3. Click Save Zone
  4. To add an account to the pricebook zone; go to the accounts tab.
  5. Select to edit the account and go to the "Other" tab.
  6. Check the box to Add to Pricebook Zone and select the zone.
  7. Save the account
  8. Go to Item maintenance and look up the item
  9. Under cost  information click on the link for PB Zones
  10. Select the Pricebook Zone to use and set the price for the item.
  11. Save the price for the pricebook zone

  1. Under mass updates, go to the Pricebook Zones tab
  2. Filter to the items you want to add to the pricebook zone (Remember that all items that show in the window will be affected)
  3. Set the price and then click preview
  4. Click Apply Changes to save