Retail Accounting Just Got Easier with FTx Accounting!

Business accounting services that track, records and analyzes the financial standings of your company.

Retail Accounting Just Got Easier with FTx Accounting

Simplified accounting solutions for your retail business

Get your books scanned, managed and enhanced with FTx’s advanced accounting service company.

  • Cost-effective and smart accounting solutions

    Cost-effective and smart accounting solutions.

  • Eliminate technical glitches with seamless technology

    Eliminate technical glitches with seamless technology.

  • Effectively track your company’s financial position without proactive accounting services

    Effectively track your company’s financial position without proactive accounting services.

Manage Payrolls with FTx accounting

Manage Payrolls

Managing payrolls, calculating salaries, and making payments to vendors is now easier than ever. FTx accounting helps clear all dues with utmost security and safety.

Track cashflows and payments with FTx accounting

Track cashflows and payments

Managing cash registers, cash payments, non-recorded payments and miscellaneous expenses can now be easily dealt with because of our assistance. Try FTx accounting services for customized plans for tracking and recording cashflows and payments.

Secure salary generation routes with FTx Accounting

Secure salary generation routes

Salary generation routes have seen the most cyber threats lately. Eliminate all cyber threats and create a proprietary salary generation route for your employees with FTx accounting.

Generate detailed reports of business transactions

Every business transaction needs to be thoroughly analyzed and accounted for. FTx accounting takes care of each and every transaction, puts all of them together and collates a report of business for owners to go through whenever you want.

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Generate detailed reports with our best retail accounting software
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FTx retail accounting software takes care of each and every transaction
Debit the hassles, credit the convenience with FTx best retail accounting software
FTx retail sales accounting software a supporting account management like a pro
FTx cloud based accounting software A trusted advisor to your business

Analyze debit and credit standings

A business where credit rules over debit is an ultimate dream for most owners. Analyze debit and credit standings of your business with detailed reports generated by our business accounting service team.

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Unmatchable responsiveness

An accounting service that is always available for your service. FTx accounting delivers unparalleled responsiveness to owners which helps them make business decisions faster.

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FTx retail shop accounting software
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Trust their words, And Our Conviction!

There’s nothing better than testimonials from our clients who have gained profits because of our business solutions.

What used to take 3 to 4 employees an average of 12 hours per day to count each store (we have 4) now only takes 3 employees an average of 4-5 hours with Fastrax, and with much better accuracy, utilizing 3 handheld wireless scanners with the FastraxPOS software… their software is reliable and efficient.


- Peterson's Grocery Stores, Portland

We’re pretty much all in with whatever FasTrax Solutions develops. We have 73 stores and we’ve used nearly every FasTrax Solution there is from FasTraxPOS to Warehouse to Uplifts to their Digital Signage. That’s the trust level we have with FasTrax. We’re very happy with everything their software has to offer.


- POS Administrator, Wild Bill's Tobacco

FasTrax Solutions has been an integral part of our business for the last 10+ years. I have tested and researched hundreds of POS systems. FasTraxPOS is the easiest system I’ve ever used! We save countless hours and dollars on training. Our employees love using the system. I’ve even had a competitor call to see what we’re using.


- Vice President, Town Crier, Inc.


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