Have a question or a problem using your FasTraxPOS equipment or software?
Please utilize our Support FAQ for answers to some common issues.

The FasTrax POS software is classified as a partial/supporting/modular application. We do not store credit card numbers within our system. So, while we have met PCI DSS requirements and have shown that we are in compliance with PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards), we are not eligible for listing on the PCI SSC’s website.

A common misconception is that your POS software is responsible to ensure your store’s PCI compliance. PCI compliance goes farther than that. It involves how you manage your network and passwords, among other things.

For further information concerning the requirements to become PCI DSS compliant, please visit https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/. Please also feel free to check this educational PCI Compliance Package put together by our friends at Smoker Friendly!.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 256-319-3470 Option 1 during our normal business hours; Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm CST.

Question: Is Fastrax POS compatible with my credit card processor?

Answer: FasTrax is compatible and utilizes Datacap NETePay 5 for integrated credit card processing. As long as your credit card processor is compatible with Datacap NETePay 5, provides a pinpad properly loaded and injected, and there is a Datacap NETePay deployment (the merchant processor can provide the deployment, or it can be purchased from FasTrax), integrated credit card processing would pose no issue. For more details regarding what pin pads and credit card processors are compatible, see this LINK.

By default, the HP imaging barcode scanner requires the user to pull the trigger to scan. However, there are a series of barcodes that can be scanned to enable it to always be on when in the stand. Please scan the barcodes below to enable this, in the proper order of 6-1, 6-2, then 6-1.

When attempting to understand the reason for current "Quantity on Hand" for items, whether for issues or inventory results, start by using the Item Analysis feature found in Pricebook Item Details.

Find the PLU in question and choose the "Item Analysis" hyperlink.

By checking all actions (Adjustments, Sales, Invoices, Cycle Counts) on the applicable item, you can deduce if an actual inventory issue is present.

Please remember to factor in Purchase/Sub-Unit relations when factoring item counts.

For executing database maintenance, please refer to the following guide:


Please ensure complete understanding of the steps outlined in the guide before performing database maintenance.

Contact FasTrax Technical Support should you have any questions.


After opening and logging into Director, you immediately recieve an error related to .NET framework and missing dependencies


This generally happens after a major Windows update, which for some reason removes a dependency that FasTrax utilizes. This can be resolved by navigating to C:\Fastrax\InstallerFiles\MSChart.exe and running this installer.


When attempting to open a FasTrax application (via desktop shortcut, start menu, or pinned app), you receive a .NET Framework Error


  1. Close the File Explorer window.

  2. Navigate to C:/Users/Current User/AppData/Local Current User will actually be a specific name associated to the machine.

    *This can also, depending on the version of Windows, be found by typing “%localappdata%” into the search box under the "Start" button.

  3. Highlight and delete the folder named with association to the FasTraxPOS application.

    *These folders/files are safe to delete since they are built when utilities are opened.

  4. You should be able to successfully open the intended FasTrax application.

Option 1:

For 64 bit machines, navigate to c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and then:

  1. Choose the "System DSN" tab
  2. Choose "Add" button
  3. Choose "SQL Server" for driver to data source
  4. Choose "Finish" button enter name as "FastraxReporting"
  5. From the "Server" dropdown, choose the correct server (machine) database
  6. Choose "Next"
  7. Choose "SQL Server Authentication with Login ID and Password"
  8. Enter Login as "fastrax"
  9. Enter Password as "FasTrax0!"
  10. Choose "Next"
  11. Check Mark "Change the default database to:"
  12. From that dropdown, choose the "ILSA_SQL"
  13. "Next"
  14. Choose "Finish"
  15. Choose "Test Data Source" to confirm success.

Option 2:

For 32 bit machines, c:\Windows\system32\odbcad32.exe and then:

  1. Choose the "System DSN" tab
  2. Choose "Add" button
  3. Choose "SQL Server" for driver to data source
  4. Choose "Finish" button
  5. enter name as "FastraxReporting"
  6. From the "Server" dropdown, choose the correct server (machine) database
  7. Choose "Next"
  8. Choose "SQL Server Authentication with Login ID and Password"
  9. Enter Login as "fastrax"
  10. Enter Password as "FasTrax0!"
  11. Choose "Next"
  12. Check Mark "Change the default database to:"
  13. From that dropdown, choose the "ILSA_SQL"
  14. Choose "Next"
  15. Choose "Finish"
  16. Choose "Test Data Source" to confirm success.


Below is the setup guide for setting up a Unitech HT682 handheld



Below is the setup guide for setting up a Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Windows handheld.

Honeywell Handheld_Setup.pdf

Via the store Director, setup a new store called "Corp" as store "0" and enter the Corporate Public IP, check as"Active".


Corporate is not receiving sales data from the store


  1. Confirm the store has functioning internet. Have the site open a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and navigate to www.google.com and confirm the page loads. If not, check with your ISP about possible outages.
  2. Reboot the main register/computer. Realize that if the store has multiple registers, the supporting registers will be affected while the main is rebooting.
  3. Run the program FasTraxExporter, which is generally run as a Windows scheduled task. This can be ran by doing the following:
    1. Choose the start menu and searching for "Task Scheduler"
    2. Choose "Task Scheduler Library"
    3. Find the task for FasTraxExporter and choose "Run"
    4. If data is not sent, continue the below steps
  4. Confirm via the POS Settings that the corporate server IP address is correct, along with the port if port 80 is not bring used
    1. An example of the IP address would be 111.222.333.444 or 111.222.333.444:81 if using port 81
    2. You can find the public IP address at corporate by navigating to http://www.whatsmyip.org/ on the corporate server or a corporate workstation
    3. Once the IP address is updated if it changed, redo step 3 from above to run the scheduled task to send data
  5. If multiple/all sites are unable to communicate/update the corporate server, confirm that the corporate server has a network connection by following step 1

Q – I am unable to send Queue changes/updates and/or Messages from my Corporate machine to one of my Stores.

A1 – Verify store is online and has internet/network connection

  1. From the “Dashboard” in Director on your Corporate machine, double-click the applicable store under the “Store Updates” window
    1. This should result in a communication status of the store. If there is a response, the store is online. If there is no response, there are network issues.
  2. At the store, open an internet browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) on the main machine (generally register 1) and navigate to www.google.com

A2 – Verify IP address at Corporate Director for store is correct

  1. At the store, using an internet browser, navigate to http://www.whatsmyip.org and note the Public IP result
  2. Confirm the Public IP result from the store is the same that is listed in Maintenance > Stores for the applicable store(s)
  3. If different, enter in the correct Public IP and "Save".
    1. Make sure to designate the correct port number if utilizing a different port than 80 by adding a ":port" at the end of the IP address
  4. Attempt to resend to store.

A3 – Attempt connecting to the store’s webservice

  1. At Corporate, open an internet browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox)
  2. Navigate to http://[enter store’s ip address here with no brackets]/FTCorpWebservice/TimeClock.asmx
    1. Confirm you receive a result when you click "Get Employees"
    2. If you can’t touch the store webservice, have the store verify it locally
      1. Have the store open an internet browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox)
      2. Navigate to http://localhost/ftcorpwebservice/timeclock.asmx
      3. Choose "Get Employees" and then choose "Invoke"
      4. You should receive a coded result of your employee’s information
      5. If this works locally, check the store’s FireWall and Port Forwarding

A4 – Check the store FireWall settings

  1. If FireWalls are not going to be managed, disable them.
    1. If FireWalls are intended for use, please set exceptions for Web Services and FasTraxPOS Software.

A5 – Confirm Port Forwarding at the store is correct

  1. Port 80 should be forwarded to the local IP of the main DB machine. You can verify if it's open by navigating to http://www.canyouseeme.org/
    1. You may have to confirm with ISP or network admin on this setting


A6 – If the record attempted to be sent is erroring, check the FTCorpWebService.log at the store you are attempting to update. The last line in this file should show the most current (identified by date and time) issue and cause.

        This is a folder located in C:/inetpub/wwwroot/ftcorpwebservice/ and can give details to FasTrax Technical Support to assist.


Q1 – My Honeywell hand held is randomly disconnecting from my wireless network.

A – Confirm there are no network interruptions.

  1. Open the IE (Internet Explorer) utility on the HH and navigate to FasTraxPOS.com
  2. Contact your ISP or Network Admin to confirm Internet or Local Network interruptions if no webpages open.

Q2 – My Honeywell hand held is randomly disconnecting from my wireless network and I have confirmed my Internet/Wireless Network is not the issue.

A – Check a Network setting on the actual hand held

  1. From the Home Screen of the HH, navigate to Start > Settings > Network and Dial-Up Connections
  2. Tap and hold the DSFLTR_SDI O86861 button to bring up the menu
  3. Confirm this is enabled

Q1 – Receiving an "unable to connect to server/host" error.

A – Confirm HH is connected to wireless network.

Q2 – I have confirmed my HH is connected to my wireless network, but I am still receiving "Unable to Connect to server/host" messages:

A- If FireWalls are enabled intentionally, ensure exceptions are properly set

Q3 - I have confirmed my HH is connected to my wireless network, but I am still receiving "Unable to Connect to server/host" messages:

A -  SQL solution below:

This is found by performing "ipconfig" in the command prompt window of the main (DB) machine

  1. From the main computer desktop
  2. In the search/run window, enter "cmd" then press Enter
  3. The black, command window will open
  4. Type "ipconfig" and then press Enter
  5. The local IP will be displayed with the Default Gateway and DNS.

After establishing the correct Local IP, open the "FasTrax Configure" utility on the HH. This should be on the HH Desktop or can be found the "FasTrax" folder using the HH File Explorer.

Enter the correct Local IP in the section titled "Server IP Address". Choose "Update" and close the Window if applicable.

Now, open the FasTraxPSM utility and attempt to connect and sign in to a function.

Q4 – I have confirmed wireless connection as well as I am pointed to the correct server/host IP.

A – Confirm the connection string found in the "webconfig" file (located C:/inetpub/wwwroot/FTCorpWebService) is properly configured.

    – SQL path as well as username and password are correct for the DB

   – If this has to be edited, make sure to perform a "iisreset" via the windows command line

  1. Start/Windows button > Run > type "cmd" > press Enter
  2. This will open a black, command line window
  3. type in "iisreset", press Enter
  4. You will see prompts for iis stopping and starting

Check if connection to server is now possible on HH. 

From the Desktop on the handheld:

  1. Choose the Windows button
  2. Choose Programs
  3. Choose Power Tools (or Power Settings, depending on what version of the OS is loaded)
  4. Choose Scan Wedge

This re-initializes the scanner and it should now scan.


What type of gift cards are usable with FasTrax?


As long as the gift card has a scannable UPC, it would be compatible with FasTrax


When searching or adding loyalty customers, you receive an error message stating "Error Processing Loyalty Request: The request failed with an empty response."


  1. Make sure that internet connectivity exists at the store itself, and also at corporate. This can be verified by opening an internet browser on the store machine and corporate server and navigating to www.google.com. If the page doesn't load, internet issues exist and the ISP should be contacted.
  2. If internet connectivity exists, make sure that the corporate server does not have a firewall turned on, such as the Windows firewall, Norton Firewall, etc
  3. Verify that the IP address to the corporate server is correct in the POS Settings - Other Settings. You can find the public IP address of corporate by navigating to http://www.whatsmyip.org/ on the corporate server
    1. Remember that if using a port other than port 80, that port has to be at the end of the IP address like in the example