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Yes, we offer mobile solutions along with Warehouse


Can Warehouse keep track of how much tax I collect for reporting purposes?


Yes, FasTrax Warehouse has detailed tax reports that you can run all the way down to individual accounts.


If I sell in different states, can FasTrax Warehouse handle the different taxes?


Yes, FasTrax Warehouse allows for multiple tax plans.

Warehouse has an Inventory module that allows you to preform cycle counts to ensure your inventory is accurate.

Windows 7 or greater, Intel Pentium Processor G850 or equivalent, 2GB RAM

Yes,Warehouse has several options to import information from Director and also allows you to send items to the retail software.

Yes, warehouse can send and receive EDI files.

Yes, Warehouse tracks all sales and purchases. The reports module has different reports for sales, inventory, and taxes.

User logins are permission based, so you can give a user as much or as little access to Warehouse as you see fit for their role.

Yes, each accout has an option to auto email invoices as they are closed. There is also an option to select an order and email that specific order from the invoiced orders screen.

Yes, Warehosue has an accounting module that has a balance report and aging reports.

Warehouse does have a prebooks section where you can set up and manage automated prebooks.

No, internet is not required, however if you want to utilize Warehouse's Remote/Truck Sales modules, EDI, or integrate with FasTrax Director, you will have to have a network setup.

No, Warehouse is a stand alone program, but it does integrate with our retail solution.

Yes, Mass Updates allow you to change the cost and price of multiple items at once. Just filter to the items that need to be updated, and you can set the price/cost, add a dollar amount to the current price/cost, or add a percentage to the current price/cost.

Yes, Item Setup allows you enter the location of the item for reference.