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How to Set Up Your FasTrax™ Handheld

Configuring the Android device for the first time:


  • Remove the device, battery, and charger from packaging.
  • Take plastic backing off device, insert battery, replace backing and power on.
  • Once the device is on and you're at the welcome screen, press the Start button and sign into a Wi-Fi network.
  • Add a Google account. You can use either an existing or new Google account for this process.

Downloading the FTx Handheld App:


  1. Open the Play Store from the device's home screen
  2. screen image
  3. Enter 'goftx' into the search bar
  4. screen image
  5. Select 'FTX Handheld' from the list
  6. Press Install
  7. screen image

Logging into FTx Handheld:


  1. Open the FTx Handheld app from your app drawer.
  2. screen image
  3. You have received a printed document containing your username and password. Keep in mind this account is only for device use and the password CANNOT BE CHANGED.
  4. Enter the credentials provided and click Login (pictured below).
  5. screen image
  6. Once successfully logged in, you are now ready to use your device with FTx Handheld!
If you have any questions about the installation of your device or run into any problems during setup, feel free to call (256) 319-3470 for help!