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Premium Loyalty Solutions


You might be losing out on sales and one way to get those back is to implement a pet loyalty program. It’s easier to sell another bag of dog food to a customer who bought one last month than it is to find a new customer to sell the same bag of dog food to. Pet owners care about their pets and are willing to seek out the best companies to buy their products from, which makes them brand loyal. But are they loyal to your particular store? Pet owners who have pets don’t just buy food, toys, and accessories once because these are high frequency purchases, which means that you want them coming back to your store to buy and not the other retailers in town. If your loyalty program uses points as a scoring system, then your customers are much less likely to change providers once they’ve racked up enough points at your pet store. The FasTrax Enhanced Loyalty program is loaded with benefits for both your pet store and your customers. Create hundreds of customer loyalty campaigns and easily sign up customers with a simple scan of a driver’s license! You can create discounts on groups of items or individual items and choose whether the customer will earn based on quantity purchased or dollars spent. You choose how they earn, what they can earn on, and how they redeem. Strategically plan and schedule loyalty campaigns to start and stop automatically on the days you select, or leave your promotions open-ended to run constantly. With our fully-customizable loyalty program, you are in the driver’s seat.

FasTrax Premium Loyalty solutions supplies you with access to in-depth reports, which will help you track and manage your loyalty campaigns. You will be able to track and monitor coupon redemptions to measure campaign success. All of this will equip you with the right information you need to give your customers the rewards they want and the rewards they earned, and you’ll see a healthy return on your investment!

 If your pet retail store is already participating in manufacturers’ loyalty programs, you can easily integrate these with the FasTrax Loyalty! You can automatically gather and send the required data directly to the manufacturer and collect your rebate. Stop paying a 3rd party to access your sales data. There will be no need to spend countless hours trying to track manufacturer coupons used on sales. Let the FasTrax Loyalty Program do this for you at the touch of a button! With FasTrax Premium Loyalty Solutions, you eliminate all of the hassle while allowing your loyal members to earn points in a variety of ways—for completing a purchase or a profitable action such as posting about your pet store on social media. When your customers share on social media and interact with your site, their familiarity with your brand will increase and soon every customer will become a virtual brand ambassador for your pet retail store.

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  • We’re pretty much all in with whatever FasTrax Solutions develops. We have 73 stores and we’ve used nearly every FasTrax Solution there is from FasTraxPOS to Warehouse to Uplifts to their Digital Signage. That’s the trust level we have with FasTrax. We’re very happy with everything their software has to offer

  • FasTrax Solutions has been an integral part of our business for the last 10+ years. I have tested and researched hundreds of POS systems. FasTraxPOS is the easiest system I've ever used! We save countless hours and dollars on training. Our employees love using the system. I've even had a competitor call to see what we're using.

  • What used to take 3 to 4 employees an average of 12 hours per day to count each store (we have 4) now only takes 3 employees an average of 4-5 hours with Fastrax, and with much better accuracy, utilizing 3 handheld wireless scanners with the FastraxPOS software... their software is reliable and efficient.